Andros Island Bahamas – A Paradise For Families and Groups

Andros Island is the largest archipelago within the Bahamas. It covers more land area than all of the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. The beautiful weather and crystal clear waters are sure to make any visit to Andros a memorable one. Read on for more information. You might even find yourself planning a return visit before you leave. Here are some tips to get you started. Also, be sure to consider visiting the island when it’s raining!

There are three main eco systems that characterize the island: two pelagic ecozones with a 6,000-foot drop-off and a wide sand flat. Andros also features a large freshwater aquifer and tidal blue hole. While exploring the island, make sure to take the time to admire its many wildlife and plant species. Andros has a thriving population of about 10,000 people and is a rich provider of food. There are several traditional crafts, such as boat building, straw work, and wood carving.

Andros is rich in fishing and farming, as there are thousands of miles of flats and inland waterways. The North, Middle, and South Bights cut through the island, andros island bahamas providing abundant freshwater. In fact, 7 million gallons of water are shipped to the capital, Nassau, every single day. In addition, rainwater is collected in caves and underground tunnels and forms a freshwater lens. These freshwater lenses have a remarkably long history and are a major source of fresh water for the Bahamas.

A trip to Andros Island will be memorable if you’re seeking an off-the-beaten path destination. The island’s secluded beaches, abundant wildlife, and cultural heritage make it a memorable trip. Andros is a paradise for families and groups, and the best way to spend your vacation here is to spend a starlit evening on the beach while listening to live music by the campfire. So come see for yourself and plan your trip accordingly.

Andros is an island in The Bahamas that is less populated than its neighbors. It is home to the world’s third largest Barrier Reef, which stretches across its entire eastern shore. It is 140 miles long from north to south and drops steeply to six thousand feet at its outer edge. If you love to fish, then Andros is definitely the island for you. This island is known for its crystal clear waters, warm climate, and abundant fresh water supply.

Andros is a small town on the east coast of the island. There are three official ports of entry and four airports. The island is home to the Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) Base and the Androsia factory, which is famous for producing exquisite batik in local designs. Other tourist attractions on Andros include Blue Holes, bonefishing lodges, and the world’s third largest barrier reef. Andros is also home to several settlements including San Andros, Stanard Creek, Mangrove Cay, and Calabash Bay.

There are hundreds of square miles of productive bonefish territory on Andros Island. Anglers can cast their lines over mangrove-studded flats, where permit, bonefish, and other top game fish are common. Andros Island’s mangrove forests offer endless feeding grounds for bonefish. While it may be hard to catch bony fish in the shallower areas, the bonefish action is just as thrilling. The waters around Andros Island are filled with countless creeks, islands, and nooks and crannies.

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